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Cleaner & Degreaser

The ENCHOICE® concentrate is made from proprietary formulation of all "plant grade" materials.
It is designed to be an excellent, environmentally safe general purpose cleaner and degreasing agent for most any stain caused by an organic based substance. It can be applied across a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and consumer situations. Being a water based concentrate, it is easily diluted into a variety of different strengths to meet whatever need a client may have at their facility.
The product is safe to use; does not require any special equipment or protective clothing for the workers; can be safety rinsed down any municipal drain or septic system. It will continue to provide effective cleaning action as it passes throughout the drainage system - providing added benefits in helping to keep drain pipes and grease interceptors cleaner, thereby reducing the chances of blockage in the system.
It can also be effectively used in soil remediation and oil spill cleanup operations.