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Food Processing

Environmental Choices Inc provides eco friendly solutions for cleaning, degreasing, odour control, insect / bug control, disinfection and sanitization.
Plant cleanliness and food safety are paramount in food processing operations. Environmental Choices Inc is a leader in GREEN CLEANING & SANITIZATION. Our Enchoice product solutions are non-toxic, organic and we deliver DEEP cleaning solutions that are safe and efficient, helping to maintain germ-free environments for continuous manufacturing with minimal production downtime.
* General cleaning & degreasing
* Process Water
* Surface & Air Disinfection
* Plant & Machinery Disinfection
* Resin and Filter Disinfection
* Storage Tank Disinfection
* Air conditioning Systems & Ducts / Cooling towers
* Insects & Bug control
* Non - residual
* Environment friendly
* Deep cleaning and more sanitary environment
* Increased operational productivity
* Bulk packaging and delivery options
* Training Programs - Road map to help organisations become environment compliant
* Safer chemistry and environment for employees
* Waste water is not loaded with COD/BOD