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Industrial Waste Water

Significant attention to the area of disinfection of drinking water has been given over the last few years. New analytical techniques and a broader understanding of aqueous chemistry has brought to the forefront an aspect of using traditional disinfection techniques, namely the formation of trihalomethanes (THM's), which have now been shown to be hazardous to human health. Of the viable disinfectant alternatives, few offer a complete answer to the many problems encountered in treatment of drinking water.
Enchoice® is a powerful disinfectant in drinking water and acts without causing tastes and odours or harmful by-products. It is effective in both clear and turbid, or coloured water and has a rapid rate of reaction. Contact times are relatively short, requiring only 1 to 35 minutes for disinfection. Furthermore, Enchoice can be employed as a sole disinfectant. For existing UV or ozone systems it will be used to provide a reliable and safe residual.
Other disinfectants such as UV or ozone are limited in their application by their high capital outlay. UV can only be effective where the water is of sufficient clarity and depth to achieve light penetration and therefore disinfection. Also, no form of residual is achieved with UV to maintain microbiological control. These mechanical systems generally have high associated running costs. The other alternative, chlorine dioxide, also has limitations with capital installation costs and fairly expensive running costs. Both ozone and UV have a further limitation in that they do not provide a viable residual.
Chlorine's effectiveness is limited as a microbiocide since it is pH dependant. It dissociates, to form hypochlorite ions as the water pH increases. In contrast CIO2 is more effective for microbiological control over a wider pH range, since it remains as a true dissolved gas and thus destroys the cellular matrix of micro-organisms.
This can however be a significant problem if the water is aerated to even the slightest degree as the chlorine can be lost.
Chlorine dioxide and chlorine may be used together to provide a synergistic effect whereby superior disinfection may be achieved to each oxidant if used alone. This will, however result in the possibility of THM formation and complicates the dosing system significantly.
Enchoice® is an ideal oxidant for potable water disinfection particularly as it is effective as a broad spectrum microbiocide and virucide in all types of water conditions without creating taste, odour or harmful by-products.
Enchoice® will often provide significant technical benefits over alternative treatments such as chlorine. With many applications, Enchoice is the most economical treatment option given a set of performance criteria.