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Livestock & Poultry

Odor and insects are another major issue facing the poultry and livestock industry. Odor and contamination go “hand–in–hand”, with the odor–producing substances providing the environment for harmful bacteria to flourish.
ENCHOICE® General, an all–natural, multi–enzymatic formulation by Environmental Choices, Inc. is an effective solution for dealing with insect populations and odor for these widespread problems with a systematic application throughout the poultry production and processing phases.
ENCHOICE® General is a multifaceted enzyme formulation that is highly effective, simple to use, cost-effective and completely non-toxic. A complex non-bacterial organic formulation designed for general cleaning and odor control, ENCHOICE promotes penetration and emulsification of oily or fatty substances to increase microorganism activity. This in turn, accelerates the destruction of odor-causing conditions and gives Enchoice its excellent cleaning properties.
ENCHOICE® technology is scientifically sound and highly cost-effective. It eliminates the costly control, collection and disposal of harmful effluents contained in many other cleaning products. ENCHOICE® can be safely discharged into industrial or storm drains, or onto the ground without harm to the ecosystem. All of the ingredients in ENCHOICE® are organic in origin and 100% biodegradable.
ENCHOICE® is non-irritating to most skin tissue, though its ability to break down oils may cause dry skin if not rinsed thoroughly. It contains no known allergens and ENCHOICE@ leaves a non-static finish that inhibits dust accumulation.