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Enchoice® GSS

GSS is a versatile waterborne polymer emulsion that can be sprayed onto soil surfaces to form a “veneer” or “crust” which is resistant to wind and allows water to pass through. The degree of resistance can be varied depending on the concentrations of GSS used, and the intention of the application. GSS is diluted with water and then sprayed on to the surface requiring stabilization. The concentration of GSS and the volume of diluted solution required will depend on the material and the duration of protection required. Drying times will depend on the ambient temperature, wind speed and humidity. As an approximate guide-line, summer drying takes 1 to 2 hours. GSS can be applied using onsite equipment such as water carts.
Depending on the situation, benefits include:
* Suppression of wind blown dust.
* Reduced soil erosion.
* Containing stockpiles, embankments and tailings dams.
* Accelerated germination / re-vegetation.
* Surface coloration.
* Easily mixed with water.
* Easily transported for occasional use.
* Easy to apply with standard technologies eg. from spray hose to watercart.
This depends on many factors such as the concentrations of GSS used, the characteristics of the soil surface to be treated, climate patterns, and the intention of the application. Short term: 3 months Long term: 12 months plus.
GSS is used as a dust control agent in areas where airborne particles cause problems. It is used to prevent wind erosion of granular materials from stockpiles, quarry faces and open areas of sand and fine materials. GSS is used as a soil stabilizer during hydro-seeding and re-vegetation programs. It is important to wash GSS off equipment before the product dries. Because GSS contains wetting agents, it can sometimes bypass seals on light-duty pumps such as fire-fighting pumps.
GSS it is supplied as a bulk liquid. It is priced by the liter as a delivered product; or, by the square meter with full service application by Environmental Choices, Inc. personnel.

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